The view will never be the same up there. A wider scope of imagery and a eagle’s point of view is not just a spectacle but also a significant tool for marketing impact. And these are made possible by aerial photography. This kind of photography is not just for hobbyists but more importantly for companies in film, infrastructure, property, agriculture, and energy industries to name some of the major markets. Behind every great aerial shot is a mighty Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or what we commonly know as a drone, plus a great operator. But how do you choose the best operator for your project?

Here are the essential points you need to know in selecting a drone operator.

1. A drone operator and pilot must have a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) certification just like all other pilots of aircrafts operating commercially. In fact, they fall under the same aviation regulations as any other aircraft. Thus, a drone operator should be a well trained and experienced, and able to provide proof of their certifications.

2. Pilots should be expected to be experienced in flying a drone safely. They are officially approved by CASA once they have completed a number of hours of flying and have solid understanding of their equipment. They also have an Operation Manual with flight log that you could check to see all of their previous flying jobs with dates and hours.

3. Drone operators must have insurance to cover their operation. It’s not just liability insurance, but a special cover may be required for your particular project.

4. Public safety should always be the a priority. All aerial operations should be undertaken with all Air Laws adhered to at all times. Special permission to fly outside the regular laws can be obtained by your drone operator by contacting CASA for clearance.

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