Recruitment is one of the toughest and most important tasks in a company, so it is best that much time and attention is poured into choosing the right person for the job. It is a tedious and often frustrating task, which companies can ask for assistance from recruitment agencies. There are some important factors to consider regarding recruitment agencies before finally choosing one. These steps will just be done at the initial stage. Once you already get to choose one, the rest of the recruitment process soon will save you much time and effort.

First. Research.

Look at the agency’s website, LinkedIn profile of its consultants and any other online assets they have. Look for information such as their experience in the area you want them to work in. And double check the details they have marketed about their key of expertise via email or in your conversations. Many agencies advertise that they have experience in a certain area, especially large generalist agencies, but don’t have the specialist consultants to deliver the work.

Second. Interview or meeting

Just like conducting an interview with an applicant, do the same with the recruiter. Ask them to describe their experience in your market and ask them some technical questions. You should know if they already have candidates in their database for the job post you’re looking for. You should also know about their search and assessment processes and how long will it take. You should also be comfortable doing business with them – do you like them, can you have a conversation with them?

Third. Consider.

You should always consider the agency’s expertise, experience and track record in the industry. Specifically, find out about their most recent fill, their network’s reach, their strategies in getting new talents and the likes. Also put into great consideration their network of candidates, because a key reason why you would work with them is because they should have had a great network of applicants that no one else can find.

Fourth. Evaluate.

Recruitment agencies are usually thorough with their terms of business. Evaluate their terms and make sure you understand the key terms, and that you agree to those terms prior to asking the agency start working on your requirement.

Fifth. Be Clear.

Above all, be precise in what you really need for the person to fill the job post. Always communicate properly to the agency recruiter and express your requirements specifically and accurately.

Recruitment agencies have been around for years but there are only a few trusted firms. Digital Life provides recruitment and professional technology services in Australia, the Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia. We employ a dedicated team of highly skilled consultants who each have specific experience in the Telecommunications industry plus own unique style and flair to our organisation.

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