A good job ad is one that gives a job seeker plenty of good reasons to throw his or her hat in the ring even if they weren’t thinking about changing jobs before they saw your ad!

Here are 5 tips for your job advert:

1.    The power is in your title.

Create a very catchy job title. Make sure not to mislead but make it interesting. Use the most fit metaphor or adjective to the job. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same as the job title in your org chart. Just like a marketing email subject line, use it as a tool to get someone to click on your message.

2.    Add some color with your first line.

Use the opening statement of your post to emphasize the candidate’s essential motivator. Still, it should be catchy to make your potential candidate read more and not regret opening the page.

3.    Focus on their learning, deliverables and development.

Emphasize and expound more on at least 2-3 most significant performance objectives for the role and link these to the company’s main initiative. Discuss more on what the candidate will get from the job such as learning, progress, career development etc.

4.    List down the company’s experience and culture.

It will be straightforward to put everything you need from a candidate. But your job ad will be more realistic and interesting when you put across the message to the candidate that this is the current situation of the company or its department and this is how you hustle everyday. Talk about the team and what they’re like to work with. When they get to imagine the scenario in their heads, that will help the candidate contemplate the job and help them decide if he or she is a fit and can do that job. But unfortunately that won’t stop unqualified candidates apply. Nothing will.

5.    State the obvious.

If you are looking for a Transmission Engineer, state exactly what that entails even though a telecommunications engineer should know that.  These repetitions of common sense pieces of information can make the post boring, but using key words can also act to boost the job ad ranking depending on which job advertising company you’re using.

These are five simple yet effective ways to help entice the best candidates out there.

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