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byTim BinstedIn a sign of collapsing trust in online security, one in two Australians expects a government agency or telecommunications provider will suffer a breach of their personal data within the next 12 months, research by Unisys Corp has found.

Unisys, a global information technology firm listed in New York, conducted a survey of 1210 adult Australians, asking consumers about the likelihood that organisations would suffer a breach of their personal data in the next year.

The results show little confidence in telco providers such as Telstra and Optus, with 58 per cent of those surveyed expecting a breach of private customer information within 12 months.

Government agencies fare little better, with 48 per cent of Australians expecting government bodies will compromise their data.

“We were surprised that nearly half of the respondents expected a data breach within the next 12 months. We hadn’t thought there would be such low confidence in these organisations,” said Unisys security program director John Kendall.

“Telcos and governments have a … track record of data breaches. Telstra and iiNet, Australian Immigration, the Tax Office, Centrelink. People’s expectation is that it is just going to continue.”

The survey, which was conducted by Newspoll in April, found retailers and banking and finance organisations are seen as the next most likely to suffer a breach, with 45 per cent and 46 per cent of those surveyed expecting a breach from those businesses…


Photo: Australians do not think telcos or government can protect their data, Unisys has found. Phil Carrick


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