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Ignacio Elola is a self-proclaimed ‘data nerd, data punk and data scientist’ at import.io , a young startup that’s shaking up the world of data. With their free app, you can transform any website into a table of data or an API in minutes. Recently voted Best Startup by O’Reilly Strata Santa Clara, GigaOM and Web Summit, it has been backed by top European VCs and Silicon Valley-based angel investors.


What project have you worked on do you wish you could go back to, and do better?

All of them. I’m constantly learning and improving and if I could go back I could do all past projects much better. That doesn’t mean I wish to re-do all past projects, as when something is working is working and is done, but for important projects is a good practice on my opinion to keep iterating and re-factoring code, as every month I learn something new that could help doing this better…


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