July 28, 2015

The Internet of Things (IoT), once the stuff of science fiction, has stepped off the page and into the real world – and the world will never be the same. Analyst firm IDC forecasts that by 2020, 32 billion “things” will be connected: thermostats, refrigerators, parking meters, cars and so on.

More than just the latest technology fad, IoT holds real potential for the business community. Cisco predicts that between now and 2022, $19 trillion in value is at stake for organizations willing to take advantage of the increasingly interconnected world. However, not only legitimate enterprises are looking for ways to profit from IoT.

Cyber criminals demonstrated last year how adept they are at capitalizing on new opportunities and manipulating technology for their purposes. Hackers have become more efficient and effective, developing new methods to manipulate the protocol and accessibility of any home device that has an operating system and an open IP address. They can create a nearly instantaneous volumetric assault on intended targets through the use of a massive number of networked machines (often called botnets or “zombies”). The intent is to flood the network with unnecessary requests that eventually lead to a server crash or the insertion of malware into the network. Either way, it’s bad for business and brand reputation, and very bad for the bottom line…


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