2nd Watch research says high volumes of data being used for digital marketing campaigns

Digital marketing programs are driving adoption of big data, Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud technology, research shared today by 2nd Watch reveals.

During the first half of July, 2nd Watch surveyed 500 Telecommunications and marketing professionals of mid-size and large organizations. It said the results show that big data, cloud and IoT are a “primary driver” for digital marketing strategies as teams use high volumes of data from applications, websites and machines for their campaigns.

Fifty percent of survey participants said they will likely increase their use of big data to supplement their digital marketing. Meanwhile, a third of respondents said they will allocate resources meant for other marketing programs to big data-based ones because of the success of previous programs.

When it comes to IoT, 40 percent of those surveyed reported being in the “beginning” stages of leveraging machine data for digital marketing, according to 2nd Watch. In addition, the managed cloud provider said 27 percent of participants expect to start an IoT-based digital marketing project “soon”. Another 53 percent said they will probably “expand” IoT-based programs, 2nd Watch added.

The biggest obstacle to big data and IoT-based programs seems to be cost as 40 percent named it as their biggest “consideration”, according to 2nd Watch. Another 21 percent said executives did not see the value in the technology, and 20 percent of participants named a lack of in-house technical skills as the biggest challenge….



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