Throughout the years, insurance inspectors examine properties before issuance and claiming of insurance policy. The goal is to detect potential risks that could cause insurance claims or update in the coverage.

Photo credit: Streamline

Inspectors are hired contractually by insurance companies to do the inspection of houses and establishments. Usually inspection takes around 30 minutes more or less but, technology has reshaped this and now drones are used to inspect asset sites.

With the use of drones in airborne sensing, the risks to assessors during physical assessment especially inspections after natural disasters are reduced. The costs and time consumed in traditional inspection methods are also significantly decreased. Using drones in property assessment provides an aerial view in a safe, faster and cost efficient way for insurers.

In Australia, insurance giant IAG started to use drones during the Victorian bushfire when the damage made it difficult for the assessors to conduct physical inspection. This provided faster and safer way to assess the damaged properties and in return received positive feedback from the insurance company’s clients.

Credit: Fairfax Media

Today, more insurers in Australia are eyeing to use drones for site assessment because of the several benefits it provides. The list of insurers using drones is expanding and drone technology is now becoming a trend in the insurance industry.


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