Leaders are crucial part of a company. They manage other people and steer them to achieve a common goal of quality results. As Harvard Business Review described the roles of a manager, “Management is the responsibility for the performance of a group of people.”

Various studies have shown that companies with great managers are more likely to provide a long term success and increase profitability to the business because of their impact to the employees following them. Employees with great managers are more contented and productive while employees with bad managers feel miserable and are often inefficient.

Managers represent the owner and the entire company to its employees and consumers and this is the very reason why hiring a manager is a vital part of every business.

So how do you find the best managers?

Aside from the robust selection process, the right interview questions will help you in finding the best managers.

Some of our favourite interview questions that lead you to the best managers:

-What is your most significant failure as a leader?

Mistakes are hard to admit especially for someone managing other people. You want to hire someone who is humble enough to admit their failures and can share their experience that has turned in to their strength.

Asking this question gives you a straight path of an aspirant’s views and how their management skill in adjusting to difficult situations has helped them become successful. You do not need to hire a manager who is perfect with nil failures—if that is even possible to believe. Hiring people who have used their failures to their advantage are more careful in decision making and can easily adapt to difficult situations.

You also want to hear the person you are hiring is open to learn new things. No person has the perfectly set of skills for the job so you are not hiring for their skills but their ability and willingness to learn new things.

-How did you manage a difficult team?

The answer to this question shows how the aspirant manages diversity in the team. People have different backgrounds and conflict is always potential. A member maybe difficult for many different reasons like stress from home or work, lack of motivation, individual differences and the like. Whatever the reason may be, managers must deal with them. A difficult team or member could lead to inefficiency and influence the other members with negativity.

The only way to figure it out is to listen why a team member is difficult. Great managers are also good listeners. When a person listens, they can provide sound solutions. The manager must be open to dialogues with the team members. So you most likely want to hear from the applicant how he resolved conflicts and changed the difficult team member through listening and acknowledging the problems.

-What complaints do you think your previous team have about you?

Similar to admitting mistakes, being open to complaints is also a great way to determine if the applicant is a kind of person who uses people’s feedback to improve his ways and improve himself. This is also a way of showing humility that no matter what position he holds, he is always open to criticisms; not just the good ones but the negative ones most importantly.

It is vital that a manager is willing to adjust his styles depending on the culture of the team he manages. Complaints about his managing styles mean that it is not working for the team. The impact is demotivation, inefficiency and impact on the effective functioning of the team. You can just imagine the long term effect of this if left unresolved. You want your manager to be a person who the members can sit with and be comfortable to speak with and a manager who is willing to adjust for the benefit of the team and the company.

Styles on hiring managers vary depending on the needs of a company. While it is important to hire the best manager on their skills, it is equally important to hire the best managers on their soft skills. A recruitment manager once said to me, ‘Skills can be mastered easily through trainings and programs, but good attitude is more complex to build’.

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