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  • Host of new Snappy Ubuntu Core-enabled devices demonstrate revenue opportunities in IoT
  • First commercially-designed IoT devices with GE’s FirstBuild, Acer, Microsoft & DataArt

London and San Francisco, May, 11 2015 – Canonical is collaborating with some of the world’s smartest technology brands, including GE’s FirstBuild, Acer, Microsoft and DataArt, to reveal a slew of new and innovative IoT devices; all built on ‘Snappy’ Ubuntu Core and designed to delight developers and consumers-alike.

At IoT World this year, taking place in San Francisco on May 12 and 13, Canonical, GE’s FirstBuild, Acer, Microsoft and DataArt are joining forces to demonstrate how far IoT innovation has come over the last year. They will demonstrate the latest in highly innovative, next-generation connected devices for the home but also illustrate how the industry at-large is behind ‘Snappy’ Ubuntu Core as the natural choice when designing and deploying industrial and commercial IoT projects…


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