By Aaron Mamiit, Tech Times | June 28, 4:40 AM

In an official blog post, Samsung has announced that it will team up with LG U+, LG Group’s mobile phone operator unit, to jointly work on 5G technology, a move that will strengthen the two companies in the highly competitive telecommunications industry.

The partnership will also widen South Korea’s leadership worldwide in research for 5G technology, leading to the creation of standards for what is considered to be the next step in innovations for mobile telecommunications.

“This partnership will help us drive R&D, which in turn will power innovation in the global telecommunications industry,” said Samsung Electronics executive vice president of R&D in Network Business DongSoo Park in a statement.

Park added that the development of 5G networks will require the combination of several new technologies, which will be brought together by Samsung and LG in the partnership.

LG U+ executive vice president of Service and Development Sun Tae Kim added that the two companies will be together preparing for the 5G era, looking to become leaders in the new technology, not just in South Korea but in the whole world…


Photo: Samsung and LG U+, LG Group’s mobile phone operator unit, have agreed to work together on the development of 5G technology. The two companies have a “5G Readiness Target” of the year 2020.
(Photo : Kārlis Dambrāns | Flickr)


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