Sure, we’ve come across bad situations in our work and at times staying positive during these situations could be tough. Staying professional and productive is essential at work, and happiness keeps us moving. So, how do we stay positive despite these bad situations at work.

1. Relinquish control and perfectionism

We can’t control the things that will happen to us. So instead of being a control freak, understand that negative things can happen and are beyond your control. Perfectionism slows you down and can put yourself in situation where you always want to be the best. While this can be good, you can also get easily frustrated if things don’t go your way.

2. Have constructive conversations about the issue

Speak slowly so you can have time to better think of the things that you need to say and control the tone of your voice when speaking with your coworkers to avoid misunderstandings. We can’t always choose what happens but we can always choose how to respond.

  3. Examine the situation and what caused it

When conflicts arise, make sure not to dwell on your emotions. Look back to what has happened and re-evaluate the things that led to conflicts. Look for room of improvement and make yourself better. So the next time conflicts arise, you can better respond to it in a calm and professional way.

4. Read and learn about your situation from online sources

Being in a bad situation at work can be frustrating. Sometimes we do not know who we can speak to about it. If you are not certain to confide your situation with other people, you can help yourself by reading books and articles that are similar to the situation that you are in so you’re prepare to deal with it and have a plan. There are a lot of self-help books readily available in the internet and these could help you understand your situation. Learning from the experiences of other people can help you go through the situation and provide you wisdom on how to handle the difficult situations.

5. End your day with gratitude

This is a great time to reflect on the things that have transpired throughout the day and think of your actions that caused inconvenience or positive outputs. No matter how your day has been though, be thankful for the day  and the positive things which happened even if there are little or none, and also give gratitude for all the other things you do have which are not work related. This is a way of living in reality and acknowledging that negative things are part of life. Being grateful for what you have been through provides a clearer perspective of the things and will bring you peace of mind. This helps you be ready for the next day at work.