On an article published by Randall Beck and James Harter in Harvard Business Review, a study conducted by Gallup shows that 82% of the time, companies fail to choose the candidate with right talent to be a manager.

Gallup studied hundreds of organizations and measured the engagement of 27 million employees over the past two decades. In the study conducted, Gallup discovered the links between good managers including employee engagement and important performance indicators such as reduced absenteeism, less attrition, higher profitability, productivity and quality. The study has concluded that when a company raises employee engagement levels consistently across every unit, everything gets better.

It is then advised that every team has a great manager. Unfortunately, most employees promoted are the top performers, the successful salesperson, or somebody tenured. Those employees who deserve it rather than employees who have the innate talent for it–an attitude that creates leadership and relationship rather than just mandate the team in a certain way. The scarcity rises because of this conventional method. There is lack of good managers because companies are looking at the wrong angle when hiring their managers.

Skills and experience are all important and can be developed but having the right attitude is innate and is difficult to imply. After all, employees follow a leader who shows them they are valued rather than a manager who dictates tasks. The combination of skills and right attitude are rare but through robust selection process and rigorous reviewing of attitude, companies search for the best manager is effortless.

In our recent post Interview Questions to Help You Hire a Leader, we pointed out that most of the time, soft skills are to be considered when hiring managers. Similarly, Beck and Harter has pointed out in the article that teams are composed of individuals with diverging needs related to morale, motivation, and clarity — all of which lead to varying degrees of performance. Nothing less than great managers can maximize them.


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