Albert Einstein reportedly said, “I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious.”

One of the qualities possessed by highly intelligent people is curiosity. People who ask a lot of questions find new ways and innovations. And through curiosity, the world was brought with innovations and technology that nobody has ever imagined in the past centuries. Many years ago, people were just dreaming of having a light in each corner of their homes. Time passed and we now live in a digital world, where every corner of the world, even the far flung regions has been reached by urbanization.

Gadgets like mobile phones are used even by children. People have become tech savvy consumers. Today, Telecommunications companies like Optus, are developing new technologies to be used with – The Internet of Things (IoT).

Like everyone else, Optus is very positive about this new technology. According to Yes! Online Magazine interview with Optus Wholesale Head of Marketing & Strategy, John Castro, “The IoT is a hot topic and for good reason. The potential of the technology is enormous.’’

As the world enters advancement in digital existence, and with the complexity of Iot, this new technology demands long-range connectivity and a complex network, one of the reasons Optus is bringing Australia 5G.

“5G promises to deliver the required latency and bandwidth improvements to answer those challenges”.

‘’5G is about handling a greater range of connected things each sometimes with very low bit rates. 5G won’t replace 4G – it will be parallel and complementary, and you’ll have devices that can connect to both,” he said.

Optus goal is to bring 5G by 2020.

Thinxtra has collaborated with Sigfox in rolling Iot networks to make South Australia fully connected. Sigfox signed Memorandum of Understanding with the South Australian Government and Thinxtra will deploy Sigfox’s wireless network. Once rolled out, South Australia will be the first state fully connected to IoT.

Minister for Trade and Investment Martin Hamilton-Smith said South Australia is pleased to be working closely with Sigfox to deploy this world-leading infrastructure. “This new technology will allow South Australia to generate an IoT ecosystem second to none in Australia,”

The Sigfox network is now live in Adelaide and the company already has strong partners in South Australia, CEO of Thinxtra Loic Barancourt said.


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